Why Your Bath And Body Works Wallflower Light Might Not Work (2024)

An unresponsive Bath and Body Works Wallflower light can disrupt the ambiance and fragrance in your space. When faced with a non-functional Wallflower, understanding the possible causes and effective solutions becomes crucial. Here are troubleshooting steps to revive your Wallflower:

Overheated Plug: The Primary Culprit

The Wallflower light incorporates a safety mechanism within its plug to avert burnouts due to overheating. An automatic shut-off activates when the system reaches preset temperature limits, causing the light to cease operation. If encountering an unexpected shut-off without apparent reasons, an overheated plug might be the culprit.

Burnt-Out Bulb: Common Occurrence

One of the most frequent reasons for a malfunctioning Wallflower light is a burnt-out bulb. The Wallflowers utilize specific bulb types, and when these burn out, the light ceases to function. Identifying a burnt-out bulb involves examining for blackened or discolored indications. Replacing the bulb with a new one is a simple resolution.

Addressing Loose Connections

A loose connection between the bulb and the Wallflower unit can also render the light inoperative. Ensuring a snugly fitted bulb and securely plugged-in unit is essential. Verify the tightness of the bulb and the secureness of the unit within the outlet to rectify this issue.

Tackling Dirty or Corroded Contacts

Over time, the metal contacts on the Wallflower unit and bulb may accumulate dirt or corrosion, leading to electrical connectivity issues. Cleaning these contacts with a cotton swab and rubbing alcohol can reinstate proper electrical contact and functionality.

Potentially Faulty Wallflower Unit

If the light remains unresponsive despite checking the bulb and contacts, a defective Wallflower unit could be the cause. Plugging the unit into a different outlet for testing its functionality is recommended. Contacting Bath and Body Works' customer service might be necessary for further assistance.

Suspected Faulty Plug or Outlet

A faulty plug or outlet might hinder the Wallflower's functionality by disrupting the power supply. Testing the unit on an alternative outlet can confirm if this is the issue. Seeking assistance from an electrician may be needed to diagnose and rectify outlet or plug faults.

Easy Solutions for Wallflower Malfunctions

Bath and Body Works Wallflower Plug Replacement

In case of a non-functional plug, consider:

  • Unplugging the Wallflower unit.
  • Visiting a nearby Bath & Body Works store for a replacement.

Wallflower Bulb Replacement

To replace a burnt-out bulb:

  • Gently twist and remove the old bulb.
  • Dispose of it properly.
  • Insert a new bulb securely into the Wallflower unit.

Resolving Loose Connections or Dirt Issues

For loose connections or dirty contacts:

  • Unplug the unit.
  • Tighten the bulb or clean contacts using rubbing alcohol.
  • Ensure proper reassembly before re-plugging the unit.

Alternative Wallflower Plug Options

Consider using Air Wick Essential Mist Starter Kit as an alternative plug, although it might not be compatible with the latest BBW models.


Reviving your non-functional Bath and Body Works Wallflower light involves a step-by-step troubleshooting approach. Checking for an overheated plug, burnt-out bulb, loose connections, or dirty contacts, followed by appropriate actions, can often restore the functionality. If these efforts fail, seeking assistance from Bath and Body Works' customer service or considering professional electrician support might be necessary.

Why Your Bath And Body Works Wallflower Light Might Not Work (2024)
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