BBI Connect: Features & Login For Employee Self Service (2024)

Do you work at one of the restaurants that BBI owns? Are you looking for a way to connect with Latest Information Like payroll, Latest updates & more? Well if your answer is YES then you definitely are at the right place for BBI Connect.

Bloomin Brands incorporation owns a variety of restaurants, if you are an employee at any of these BBI offers you to join their online portal Connectis the online portal that can be accessed and joined by the BBI employees only.

The Portal is specially designed for the Bloomin Brands Inc. employee so that they can connect with other BBI employees. This connection helps the corporation to keep the whole team united at one platform. The portal can be accessed at any time that is suitable for you.

Who is Allowed to Access BBI Connect?

Not everyone is allowed toSign up at BBI connect. This is because it’s a specialized website made by BBI only for their employees for business. You can get access toBBI connectonly if you meet the following requirements, otherwise you better look for another website.

  • You can register atBBI connectonly if you are aUS citizen. The Employees working in any franchise outside US are not allowed to register.
  • You have access toBBI connectportal only if you have aStable Internet Connection
  • You have access to BBI Connect only if you work at any of the fourrestaurantsthat are owned by Bloomin Brands Inc.

Requirements to Register Yourself At BBI Connect?

In order to register yourself atBBI connectportal, there are a few important credentials that you must have. Without these credentials you would be denied access to theBBI connectportal. The credential include:

  • Youremployee ID
  • Yourfull name
  • Validemail address
  • Contactnumber

Note: employee can ask for ID related credentials from the HR department. The ID may consist of a 5 digit number. BBI connect cannot be accessed without employ ID.

Register Yourself at BBI Connect First:

BBI Connect: Features & Login For Employee Self Service (1)

If you are new to Bloomin Brands Inc. and do not have an account yet then you first need to register yourself at the BBI connect. Make sure that you are eligible to get registered. Follow the steps given below to sign up

  • Visit the official website BBI connect at
  • Enter yourfull name
  • Enter youremail ID
  • Choose a suitablepassword
  • Retype the password
  • Enter yourcontact number
  • Submitinformation.

Login At BBI Connect in 2 Minutes:

If you have already registered at theBBI connect, then follow the following steps to simply login to your account:

BBI Connect: Features & Login For Employee Self Service (2)
  1. Visit the official website of BBI connect at
  2. Choose language that you understand
  3. Enter yourusernameandpassword
  4. Click “log in

Why Should I Use BBI Connect:

BBI Connectoffers many advantages to its users. These benefits are given to empower Bloomin Brands Inc. employees and in return improve the overall quality of work and productivity.

  • Multiport service:

Employees can keep themselves updated with new offers, promotions and benefits that the company is offering.

  • Pay management:

Pay management features keep the employees updated about their salaries, the bonuses they get, income tax. The employees don’t need their bank statements anymore to check if their salary has arrived or not

  • Benefit Programs:

BBI connectoffer several Benefit programs that works for the welfare of their beloved employees. These programs may include retirement programs, family benefits, future planning, bonuses, loans, career opportunities, leaves and other benefits.

  • Keep Updated with your schedule:

The personalizedBBIportal enable the employees to keep p updated with their work schedules. Not only has this but they had access to report any changes online in their schedule whenever they want.

  • Connect with other Departments:

TheBBI Connectportal lets you to connect with your bosses via an online platform. Employees can communicate with manager, HR and other departments through the portal. This minimizes the effort and time wasted to meet he authorities in person.

  • Communicate with other employees:

ViaBBI connectportal you can keep updated with the activities of other employees and communicate them online. This online communication eliminates the need of taking out time from your busy schedules to meet them while at work.

Which Restaurants are Owned by BBI Connect?

Are you wondering which restaurants are owned by BBI? BBI owns four restaurants situated at various places. They include

  1. Bonefish Grill
  2. Outback Steakhouse
  3. Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse
  4. Carrabba”s Italian Grill

If you work at any of these restaurants then you should register yourself at theBBI Connectto avail amazing facilities and services that are provided by the Bloomin Brands Inc… In this article we will put forward some of the user friendlyBBIfeatures.

This article will also help you if you want to create your account at Osi Ultipro Portal. In case you are already registered then scroll down to know how to log in and retrieve forgotten password.

Forgot Password? Here’s the Steps to Recover:

In this fast moving world, our mind is always preoccupied with stuff that is difficult to remember. One such difficulty includes remembering passwords. WellBBI connectalso requires you to remember your account’s password but it also ease you with the option to retrieve in a few easy steps if ever you forgot it.

BBI Connect: Features & Login For Employee Self Service (3)
  1. Visit the official website BBI at
  2. Click the button “forgot your password?”
  3. Enter you user name
  4. Typenew shouldn’t consist of more than 15 digits
  5. Re-enter new password
  6. Click “accept”

Forgot username?If you have forgot username as well, contact system administrator to retrieve your password as well as username.


  1. Visit the official websiteBBI connectat
  2. Click the button “forgot your password?”
  3. Enter youruser name
  4. Enteraccess Code

Reset code:if you have received an email containing a reset code. Open the link in your email and use that reset code to reset your password.

About Bloomin Brands Incorporation:

Bloomin Brands Incorporation is one of the leading businesses that owns a chain of restaurants. These restaurants are mainly steakhouse. Bloomin brands Inc. inaugurated its first restaurant in 1988, and since then it has opened many fine branches all over the world.

The idea was put forward by the four personal who thought that it would be great idea to start a good steak house. Over the years the business grew so large that the BBI family now consists of more than 1400 restaurants.

Their staff altogether exceeds the number of 90,000. Their outlet are distributed in more than 48 states.BBI connectwas designed and introduced by the Bloomin Brands Incorporation to give their ever growing employees a common platform where they all can connect through media communication.

Still Have Queries?

We have tried our best to answer all your queries in this article but still if you have any question regarding Bloomin brands incorporation, you can sure contact them all by yourself.

  • Dial813-282-1225 OR 888-731-2610.


  • Email the



  • Write to them at Bloomin’ Brands, Inc.2202 N. West Shore Blvd. Suite 500 Tampa, FL 33607
BBI Connect: Features & Login For Employee Self Service (2024)
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