30 Gluten-Free Ground Beef Recipes (2024)

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40 Gluten-Free Ground Beef Recipes perfect for busy weeknights. From cheese-stuffed burgers to taco cups and chili, we’ve got your dinner needs covered!

Do you find yourself making the same recipes time and time again? With a diagnosis like celiac disease, it can cause us to pause and simply hit repeat on safe recipes. We hope these recipes help get you out of that routine by compiling these safe, delicious options.

Ground beef has always been a staple on our grocery list – it is a family favorite. Now that we have a collection of ground beef dishes, we have moved beyond putting only ground beef tacos on the weekly menu.

Make these quick and easy gluten-free meals any night of the week for any occasion. Start at the top of the list and work your way to the bottom to try each and every recipe. Enjoy!

30 Gluten-Free Ground Beef Recipes (1)

Frequently Asked Questions

Is ground beef gluten-free?

It is indeed! As a celiac-safe food, ground beef can be added to any recipe as desired. Always double-check labels watching out for any beef with added ingredients such as seasonings or broth.

What ground beef do you buy?

In our home, we cook with lean 90/10 ground beef. If using 80/20 or 70/30 ground beef, drain any excess fat to reduce the total fat content while preventing the recipe from becoming greasy.

How to cook ground beef?

Add the ground beef to a skillet and carefully break up the meat into large chunks. Let the chunks of beef cook for approximately 1 minute. Then, break the chunks into smaller pieces and let cook for approximately 1 minute. Repeat the process of alternating between breaking up the ground beef and cooking for 1 minute until the ground beef is no longer pink.

30 Gluten-Free Ground Beef Recipes (2)

No-Boil Lasagna

The BEST no-boil lasanga recipe around. Made with tons of cheese, beef & sausage, plenty of tomatoes, and ricotta cheese all baked to perfection. Gluten-free instructions included.

30 Gluten-Free Ground Beef Recipes (3)


The best chili for a crowd, a classic midwestern recipe packed with tomatoes, beans, ground pork or beef, simmered all day.

30 Gluten-Free Ground Beef Recipes (4)

Gluten-Free Baked Ziti with Sausage

Our baked ziti is a delicious kid-friendly dinner that we've made gluten-free. It's packed with flavor from a combo of pork sausage and beef, tomatoes, ricotta, and lots of mozzarella and parmesan cheese.

30 Gluten-Free Ground Beef Recipes (5)

Creamy Pasta With Ground Beef

Ourcreamy pasta with ground beefis the only beef pasta you need to try! Made with ground beef, tomato sauce, and cream it’s a one-pan dinner that is gluten-free.

30 Gluten-Free Ground Beef Recipes (6)

Taco Potato Casserole

Introducing ourTaco Potato Casserole, a flavorful fusion of hashbrowns, seasoned beef, and vibrant taco spices. This easy-to-make dish combines the comfort of hashbrowns with the boldness of Mexican-inspired flavors, making it a perfect solution for busy nights or casual gatherings.

30 Gluten-Free Ground Beef Recipes (7)

Cheeseburger Casserole

Introducing a delightful twist to the classic comfort food –Cheeseburger Casserole! This hearty and satisfying dish combines the familiar flavors of a cheeseburger with the convenience of frozen diced potatoes and the creamy goodness of Velveeta cheese. Perfect for those busy nights when you crave a homemade meal without the fuss.

30 Gluten-Free Ground Beef Recipes (8)

Homestyle Ground Beef Casserole

Our homestyle ground beef casserole is a hearty dinner packed with beef blended with tomatoes and spices layered on top of elbow noodles mixed with cream cheese, sour cream, and a touch of lemon juice to brighten the casserole. Dairy-free, gluten-free.

30 Gluten-Free Ground Beef Recipes (9)

Ground Beef and Bean Burrito

This ground beef and bean burrito recipe is a kid favorite! It's a simple to make dinner with ground beef, refried beans, and plenty of cheese that packs great for camping trips, frozen and reheated for lunchboxes or served as dinner. These burritos can easily be made gluten free.

30 Gluten-Free Ground Beef Recipes (10)

Hamburger Hashbrown Casserole

Ourhamburger hashbrown casseroleis the epitome of comfort food. It’s made with lean ground beef for a balanced meal, gluten-free cream of mushroom soup for a creamy texture, and a medley of seasonings for depth of flavor.

30 Gluten-Free Ground Beef Recipes (11)

Walking Taco Casserole

Introducing a delicious twist on the classic walking taco – theWalking Taco Casserole! This crowd-pleasing recipe combines all the flavors you love from the popular portable snack but transforms it into a convenient and comforting casserole. Imagine layers of seasoned ground beef, zesty cheese, crisp frito chips, and your favorite taco toppings all baked to perfection in one satisfying dish.

30 Gluten-Free Ground Beef Recipes (12)

Big Mac Casserole

f you’re a fan of the iconic Big Mac from your favorite fast-food joint but want to enjoy those irresistible flavors in the comfort of your own kitchen, then thisBig Mac Casserolerecipe is a game-changer. This healthy twist on a classic burger takes all the elements you love and transforms them into a hearty, family-friendly casserole that’s sure to satisfy your cravings.

30 Gluten-Free Ground Beef Recipes (13)

Kid-Friendly Meatloaf

Mashed potato stuffed meatloaf cupcakes are the perfect way to get kids to happily eat meatloaf. This recipe uses mashed potato flakes to make both the potatoes that go in the center of the meatloaf, and in place of bread crumbs making it a gluten-free meatloaf recipe.

30 Gluten-Free Ground Beef Recipes (14)

Photo Credit:quickinstantpotrecipes.com

Instant Pot Meatloaf

Our eggless instant pot meatloaf and potatoes is a fantastic dish that is not just simple and delicious, but it's also packed with nutrition. We've crafted a mouthwatering meatloaf without eggs, using a mix of lean ground beef and pork.

30 Gluten-Free Ground Beef Recipes (15)

Crockpot Meatloaf

Crockpot meatloafis flavor-packed and easy to make using ground beef and stuffing mix. It’s formed into a loaf in a foil lined slow cooker then left to cook all day.

30 Gluten-Free Ground Beef Recipes (16)

Stuffed Pepper Casserole

Indulge in ourStuffed Pepper Casserolethat seamlessly combines the rich flavors of classic stuffed peppers with the convenience of a one-pan skillet. Sautéed ground beef or turkey, vibrant bell peppers, and aromatic onions meld together in taste and texture. This skillet sensation is a comforting and hearty meal that your family will love.

30 Gluten-Free Ground Beef Recipes (17)

Crockpot Taco Casserole

OurCrockpot Taco Casserolerecipe is a hearty and easy-to-make dish that combines the convenience of a slow cooker with the irresistible flavors of your favorite taco night. Whether you’re feeding a hungry family or hosting a casual dinner party, this recipe is a surefire crowd-pleaser.

30 Gluten-Free Ground Beef Recipes (18)

Nacho Fries Bell Grande

Our Nacho fries bell grande recipe is super easy to make - they are just like Taco Bell's Nacho Fries Bell Grande - made right at home! Loaded with lean ground beef, a simple cheese sauce, lettuce, and tomatoes. A fun dinner that can be served right on the baking tray. Includes gluten-free instructions.

30 Gluten-Free Ground Beef Recipes (19)

Taco Quesadilla

Taco Quesadillas solve the what to make with leftover taco meat dilemma. This ground beef quesadilla recipe is made in the oven on a baking pan so you can cook the quesadillas all at one time! Gluten-free instructions included.

30 Gluten-Free Ground Beef Recipes (20)

Photo Credit:www.saltandsprinkles.com

Taco stuffed shells

Taco stuffed shells with ground beef are bursting with ground beef, tomatoes, enchilada sauce, and gooey cheese. They’re baked to perfection, resulting in a delicious and kid-friendly dinner that will satisfy everyone’s taste buds!

30 Gluten-Free Ground Beef Recipes (21)

Taco Casserole with Pasta

Taco casserole with pasta is going to be a new kid-favorite! A refried bean pasta loaded with lean ground beef, salsa, pasta and cheese, it's baked into the perfect weeknight casserole. Serve topped with taco sauce and diced tomatoes. Gluten free.

30 Gluten-Free Ground Beef Recipes (22)

Kid-Friendly Tater Tot Casserole

Our Kid-Friendly Tater Tot Casserole is a simple ground beef casserole that cuts calories but not flavor. Packed with green beans, lean ground beef, tater tots, and cheese, this is a hearty comfort food your kids will love! Gluten-free.

30 Gluten-Free Ground Beef Recipes (23)

Beef Chimichanga Recipe

Our beef chimichanga recipe is simple and delicious, a kid favorite! Made with gluten-free tortillas, ground beef, refried beans, and rice. Try this restaurant favorite right at home.

30 Gluten-Free Ground Beef Recipes (24)

Tasty Taco Cups

Taco Cups are quick & easy handheld tacos for kids. Made with tortillas, filledwith ground beef or turkey, refried beans, diced tomatoes, and seasonings, then baked to cheesy perfection! Gluten-free instructions included.

30 Gluten-Free Ground Beef Recipes (25)

Cheese Curd Burger

Our Cheese Curd Burger will bethe best thing you put on the grill this summer! One bite of a cheese stuffed burger and you will be wondering why you ever put the cheese on top. Gluten Free.

30 Gluten-Free Ground Beef Recipes (26)

Photo Credit:www.all-thats-jas.com

Shepherd's Corn Pie

This Shepherd's pie packed with tasty ingredients, including a delicious blend of ground beef, onion, and hard-boiled eggs, has a sweet and delicious top layer of corn mixture.

30 Gluten-Free Ground Beef Recipes (27)

Photo Credit:www.dinneratthezoo.com

Rotel Dip with Beef

This Rotel dip is a blend of cheese, zesty tomatoes, chiles and ground beef, all melted to gooey perfection.

30 Gluten-Free Ground Beef Recipes (28)

Photo Credit:joyfilledeats.com

Ground Beef Stroganoff

This easy beef stroganoff is perfect on a busy weeknight. It is full of flavor and ready in 30 minutes.

30 Gluten-Free Ground Beef Recipes (29)

Photo Credit:www.acedarspoon.com

Cabbage Roll Soup

Cabbage Roll Soup is a filling, savory comforting soup, perfect for a chilly evening meal. Cabbage, ground beef, bacon, beef broth, smokey fire roasted tomatoes, paprika, and worcestershire sauce mix together to give this easy meal it’s over-the-top deliciousness. This is a protein packed, easy meal for a busy weeknight.

30 Gluten-Free Ground Beef Recipes (30)

Photo Credit:fitasamamabear.com

Teriyaki Meatball Bowls

Easy, teriyaki meatball bowls make the perfect weeknight dinner! A 30-minute meal that's easy to customize. These teriyaki meatballs with rice are tender, simple, and flavorful. Further, they're topped with a sticky, homemade teriyaki sauce these meatball bowls can also be made paleo if needed!

30 Gluten-Free Ground Beef Recipes (31)

Photo Credit:www.pipercooks.com

Loaded Taco Fries

These Loaded Taco Fries are a super easy weeknight dinner that takes under 30 minutes to put together. Make the spiced taco meat and prep toppings while your fries bake and then it's as simple as plating the fries and piling on your favorite toppings like fresh tomato, tangy pickled red onions, and a mountain of cheese.

30 Gluten-Free Ground Beef Recipes (32)

Photo Credit:24bite.com

Mexican Picadillo

This authentic Mexican picadillo recipe made especially for the Instant Pot is that kind of nostalgia producing recipe that gets you right in the feels. It warms hearts and bellies all over North and Central America.

30 Gluten-Free Ground Beef Recipes (33)

Photo Credit:organicallyaddison.com

Taco Salad

These gluten free Taco Salads are bursting with flavor! They’re easy to prep, totally customizable and great for leftovers.

30 Gluten-Free Ground Beef Recipes (34)

Photo Credit:cateandco*kitchen.com

Sweet Potato Chili

This Whole30 Spicy Sweet Potato Chili is the perfect healthy, go-to meal for busy weeknights. It's packed with hearty vegetables, ground beef, and a delicious sweet and spicy flavor. A great meal for cold nights with tons of freezer friendly leftovers!

30 Gluten-Free Ground Beef Recipes (35)

Photo Credit:www.crockpotsandflipflops.com

Crock Pot Beefy Potato Taco Casserole

Give your taco Tuesday a twist with this beefy cheesy taco casserole! Made with beef, potatoes, veggies and cheese this gluten-free dinner will be a new family favorite.

30 Gluten-Free Ground Beef Recipes (36)

Photo Credit:www.therusticfoodie.com

Pizza Stuffed Peppers with Ground Beef

These healthy Italian Pizza Stuffed Peppers are made with ground beef, mushrooms, and spinach. A great easy low carb dinner recipe!

30 Gluten-Free Ground Beef Recipes (37)

Photo Credit:www.therusticfoodie.com

Philly Cheesesteak Sloppy Joes

This Philly Cheesesteak Sloppy Joes recipe is made with ground beef, peppers, and served with Provolone cheese. A great weeknight dinner!

30 Gluten-Free Ground Beef Recipes (38)

Photo Credit:eatthegains.com

Beef Taco Casserole

All of your taco favorites combined into one healthy and comforting beef taco casserole! Made with just 10 simple ingredients, this taco casserole recipe is great for a satisfying meal, meal prep, and is also paleo and Whole30 approved!

30 Gluten-Free Ground Beef Recipes (39)

Photo Credit:www.acedarspoon.com

Mexican Zucchini

This easy Mexican Zucchini is made in one skillet and is sure to be a family favorite. You will love your favorite taco ingredients mixed with light zucchini noodles creating a low-carb, filling meal.

30 Gluten-Free Ground Beef Recipes (40)

Frozen Ground Beef in the Instant Pot

Frozen ground beef in the instant pot cooks in just 20 minutes. No need to defrost and brown the beef, simply place it into the instant pot and cook. You'll be amazed that the texture is the same as if you cooked it on the stovetop!

30 Gluten-Free Ground Beef Recipes (41)

Gluten-Free Shepards Pie

Our gluten-free Shepards Pie is filled with ground beef and vegetables topped with homemade mashed potatoes then baked into a savory dinner the whole family will love.

More Gluten-Free Recipes For Dinner

Looking for more delicious dinner ideas? Here are a few of our favorite gluten free meals. Gluten Free Scalloped Potatoes, Gluten Free Cornbread Dressing, Gluten-Free Lasagna Dinner Ideas, Gluten-Free Baked Ziti with Sausage, Instant Pot Chicken Stir Fry (Gluten-free), Buffalo Chicken Strips (Easy Sheet Pan Dinner), Gluten-Free French Dip Sandwiches (Instant Pot or Crock Pot), and Buffalo Chicken Drumsticks

If you enjoyed any of the recipes make sure to leave a comment below! Then follow me on social media and tag #createkidsclub if you make the recipe. I love seeing what you come up with!

30 Gluten-Free Ground Beef Recipes (2024)


Is there gluten free ground beef? ›

Yes, meat is naturally gluten-free.

However, be careful with breaded or floured meats, which typically contain wheat and therefore gluten. Watch out for meats marinated or covered in sauces and broths, and be sure to read labels and check for any added ingredients.

How many meals can a pound of ground beef make? ›

One pound of ground beef can go a long way if you're cooking for one. In fact, we can get at least four single serving meals out of just one pound.

Is ground beef whole 30? ›

Ground beef is one of the most common protein sources when doing a Whole30. But you might be bored with your regular choices. So this list compiles over 20 Whole30 recipes with ground beef, including burgers, chili, soup, meatloaf, protein bowls and more.

How to make ground beef more filling? ›

Work some oats into the beef.

They mix easily in with the beef and won't be noticed once you cook the meat. Best of all, the oats are high in fiber so they can help make your meal more filling. In general, use ¼ to ½ cup (23 to 46 g) whole or rolled oats for every pound (454 g) of ground beef.

Is Taco Bell ground meat gluten-free? ›

*Taco Bell® does not claim “gluten-free” for any of its food. Some Taco Bell® items are made without gluten-containing ingredients but are prepared in common kitchen areas, including common fryer oil, risking gluten exposure. Taco Bell® does not recommend products for customers with celiac disease.

Is McDonald's hamburger meat gluten-free? ›

Any Burger without the Bun (and no Big Mac Sauce)

You can order any of your favorite Mcdonald's burgers sans bun (and no Big Mac Sauce) to make it gluten-free. Although cross-contamination is always a concern, the actual ingredients of most burgers are safe to eat for your gluten-sensitive tummy.

How much ground beef to feed 30 people? ›

If you're dishing up some ground beef for taco night, ¼ of a pound per person should be sufficient. You might want to consider ¾ of a pound for those with heartier appetites. A half a pound might not be enough. Similar thinking with children, who tend to have smaller appetites.

How much will 5 pounds of ground beef feed? ›

I figure 2 tacos per person, 2oz ground beef raw weight per shell, which comes out to a quarter pound per person, so you'd need 5lbs of ground beef to feed 20 people, more if you want to allow for seconds. Note this will vary a bit by fat content.

How many pounds of ground beef do I need for 10 people? ›

When Meat Is a Component of a Dish. If the meat is part of a bigger dish, like pasta or curry, plan for 1/4 to 1/3 pound (four to six ounces) per person. That means you'll want at least 2 1/2 pounds of meat if you're planning to have 10 people over to dinner, and 5 or more pounds of meat if you're cooking for 20 guests ...

What is 70 30 ground beef called? ›

Also called a "lean point", the percentage compares the ratio of lean meat to fat content. If you see the lean point listed as 70/30, this means the ground beef is 70% lean with 30% fat. One serving of 70/30 ground beef will contain 30% fat by weight.

Is Bacon a Whole30 food? ›

You can also eat processed meats as long as they don't include any artificial preservatives or added sugars. So when your bacon craving strikes, stick to sugar-free uncured bacon. A hearty meat-based stew with some nutrient-rich avocado makes a great Whole30® meal.

Can you eat chicken on Whole30? ›

Protein is a part of every Whole30 meal since they encourage a balanced plate that includes a “palm” of protein. While chicken breasts are certainly an option, we know eating those day in and day out can be so boring.

What does adding milk to ground beef do? ›

The calcium-rich properties of milk react with enzymes in the meat to gently soften the proteins. Whole milk (not reduced fat), buttermilk, and yogurt all get the job done – with a special nod to buttermilk and yogurt for their optimal tenderizing acidity levels.

What happens when you add milk to ground beef? ›

According to SunFed Ranch, marinating beef in milk creates a lightly acidic bath for the meat, tenderizing it without breaking down its proteins too much. The calcium in the milk reacts with the enzymes in the meat to gently soften the proteins, facilitating another tenderizing process.

Does grass fed beef have gluten? ›

Cattle raised without grain is absolutely gluten - free, therefore it can be enjoyed by people with celiac disease and those sensitive to gluten.

Is grass fed ground beef gluten-free? ›

100% Grass Fed Black Angus Beef

All natural and humanely raised, our beef is rich in Omega 3, CLA and essential vitamins—as well as totally gluten free.

Is Trader Joe's beef less ground beef gluten-free? ›

Is it Gluten Free? No.

What beef burgers are gluten-free? ›

Results for “Gluten free burgers”
  • Tesco Beef Burgers 8 Pack 454G. Write a review. ...
  • Tesco Fire Pit 4 Quarter Pounder Beef Burgers 454G. Write a review. ...
  • New. Tesco Fire Pit 6 Beef Burgers 730G. ...
  • New. Tesco Finest Extra Mature Cheddar 4 Thick Burger Melts 160g. ...
  • New. ...
  • New. ...
  • New. ...
  • New.

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